Join Us at Ruskoka THIS WEEKEND for WW#5: July 4/5, 2009

Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers,

Thank you to the 15 volunteers that came last work weekend: Nika, Natasha, Maxine, Andrew, Sophia, Kira, Victor, Max, Oles, Tetyana, Marina, Vlad, Alexey, Andrew and Alik.  This was truly a mega work weekend.

From the previous work weekend…

Join us again! The next work weekend is in only three days !! July 4 and 5, 2009. Don’t miss the fun.

[Note that the July 11/12, 2009 work weekend has been re-scheduled for July 4/5, 2009]

Some of the things we plan to do next work weekend, and following work weekends…

–  cut grass everywhere, again

–  clean up after basement renovations

–  clean and set up the office area

–  install UV filters

–  clean up the boys and girls camps

–  cut trees, clean up branches around property, rake leaves

–  clean up the chapel and set it up for the feast day

–  clean up the new camp bathroom

–  start building a small climbing/traversing wall

–  finish bathroom plumbing and install last toilet

–  connect outlets and finish wiring in chapel

–  cook delicious food for all the volunteers, clean dishes, clean the house…

–  and lots of other fun jobs…

Mark these dates in your calendars! The schedule for all of the 2009 work weekends is:                 

July 4, 2009 (instead of July 11)                           

July 18, 2009 (Family Weekend Setup)

July 25, 2009 (Camp Setup)

September 12, 2009                          

October 3, 2009                          

October 17, 2009 (Fall Colours)

November 7, 2009 (Closing Weekend)

See you on July 4th weekend,