Leadership Workshop

The 4th Annual Camp Leadership Workshop will be held at ORPR Camp, for counsellors and future counsellors, aged 15 to 25. The workshop is held jointly by ORPR Camp  in Chicago and Ruskoka Camp. The last three workshops were a huge success, with much to learn, lots of fun team building exercises, and many friendships made.

The schedule will included 10 informative and interactive presentation dealing with topics such as communication, emergency response, conflict resolution and leadership. We have a number of invited guest speakers and directors from other nearby camps. Vespers and Liturgy are planned to be served at the camp chapel. Other activities included swimming, a soccer match, choir rehearsals, a hike, numerous team building exercises, and of course camp bonfires every evening. In the camp tradition, the day will start and end with raising and lowering of the flags and prayers. This workshop will give a unique opportunity for our teens to meet and bond with other counselors, learn and practice valuable leadership skills, and develop their personal communication tools.

Check back here for more information and registration forms. Cost  will be $100 for materials, lodging, transporation to Chicago, Illinois.Mandatory Pre-registration

WHO? We are expecting 30 youth participants, and 12 presenters and volunteers staff.

HOW? If you have not yet completed a registration form, please make sure you
mail a completed form in advance with full payment, otherwise you will not be allowed to participate.

WHEN? Since the weekend will be packed with presentations, exercises, trips,
and fun activities, we will be adhering to a tight schedule. The van will be leaving Etobicoke at 7:00pm on Thursday evening, June 25th, 2009.

WHAT? For more information about the workshop, and what to bring, download the information sheet above.

WHY? You will have an experience of a lifetime, learn valuable unforgettable lessons, and make lifelong friendships.

QUESTIONS? Call Alik Sakuta at 416 232 0829