Camp Leadership Workshop 2011

Ruskoka Directors, Counselors and Counselors-In-Training,

Camp is just around the corner! Come to the Counselor Conference on May 28, 2011 in Toronto!

If you plan to attend camp this summer as a counselor or director, attend the one-day Leadership Workshop Session on May 28, 2011 at Camp Robin Hood.

This workshop is organized by the Ontario Camping Association, and the attendance fee of $22 is paid by Ruskoka Camp. This workshop is FREE to you!

Busing from three locations in Toronto, and a barbeque lunch are provided! Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity!

See the program below for more details on what you will learn:

Fill in the registration form attached and send it back to me before May 2, 2011 to register:

Please reply if you are interested (or if you will not be able to attend).

See you soon,