Thank You and Come to Ruskoka for the last Workweekend #9 on November 24 and 25, 2012!

Dear Ruskoka Volunteers,

Wow! 28 mighty volunteers came to Ruskoka last weekend, worked all weekend and enjoyed the last of the fall colours. We finished covered the camp bathroom locker shelves, fixed the volleyball fence post, cleaned and reorganized all of the camp house kitchen cupboards, emptied the freezer, organized and labeled all of the bed sheets, painted a 2nd coat of stain on garage shed walls, worked on the red ATV, plug up any access holes for squirrels in the pavilion, sealed the camp library shelves for the winter, completely winterized the camp bathroom and camp pavilion plumbing, cleaned up and burned more brush, stacked logs, built a fence along the pavilion ditch, replaced the front gate post and widened the front gate, made a front gate fence, made a fence at Ruskoka 1,  fixed the hand pump in the Art’s cabin, fixed the sentinel light above the pavilion, replaced the fridge door seal, buried a wire from the girl’s camp bathroom to a new sentinel light by the girl’s outhouse, organized the garage some more, fixed a broken cot, disconnected coffee maker, built new stairs behind the chapel, had a leadership discussion, and cleaned the house, and prepared delicious meals!

Thank you to Natasha, Vika, Svetlana, Nikita, Kira, Victor, Galina, Nika, Natasha, Alik, Misha, Max, Tanya, Liana, Dmitry, Daniel, Oleg, Zhenya, Larisa, Victor, Sasha, Victor, Nikolai, Boris, Tanya, Nikolai, Iraisha, and Victor. Everyone enjoyed the great company, delicious meals and fresh fall air!