Thank You to All 2012 Camp Counselors and Volunteers!

Dear Ruskoka Camp Counselors and Volunteers,

On behalf of Ruskoka Camp, the campers and their parents, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for making this year’s camp sessions the best summer camp ever!

All of you were essential to the success of camp by ensuring that our 100+ campers safely enjoyed the adventures and lessons Ruskoka Camp offers.  In your various capacities you:

–     supervised, taught, fed, inspired and cared for our campers;
–     planned and organized activities, lectures, lessons, and rehearsals;
–     ran the challenge course and out-trips;
–     life guarded and provided health care;
–     conducted church services and religious discussions;
–     bought food, planned, prepared and served delicious healthy meals;
–     cleaned, repaired, fixed and built;
–     and much, much more…

Your hard work made a valuable impact on the lives of Russian children. Many others also helped before and during camp, but we are especially grateful to:

Kitchen Volunteers:
Natasha Bronfman, Kira Maslow, Victor Axon, Galina Bourounova, Marina Sakuta, Svetlana Avrakh, Inna Doroganova, Galini  Gavrilidou, Natasha Plouts, Natallia Samartseva, Marlene Tolomizenko, Liana Volkov, Larissa Zolotuho, Julia Easson

Camp Counselors:
Masha Samartseva, Maria Meyer, Julia Tolomizenko, Jenny Ermakova, Elise Wickeler, Liza Korp, Ksenia Tchigak, Anya Zolotuho, Alesia Bakhanovich.
Alexey Kryshtapovich, Mikhail Iakouchev, Max Tarmossin, Stan Zonov, Bogdan Sherbak, Ruslan Ivanytskyy, Alexei Muravsky, Tolik Safaraliyev, Maksim Samartsov, Roman Tsygankov, Nikita Kachournikov.

Camp Program and Administration:
Karl Meyer, Jhenya Chabanyuk, Maxine Grande, Masha Rozenfeld, Alik Sakuta

Lifeguards and First Aid:
Maxine Grande, Julia Easson, Elise Wickeler, Max Tarmossin, Jhenya Chabanyuk, Ksenia Tchigak, Stan Zonov, Bogdan Sherbak, Tolik Safaraliyev, Alik Sakuta

Clergy and Choir Directors:
Archbishop Gabriel, Dcn. Alexander, Fr. Viatcheslav Davidenko, Peter Antonoff, Andrei Pendik, George Skok, Julia Easson

Victor Popov, Alex Belyntsev, Victor Zolotuho

Extra Camp Activities and Help:
Dragomir Radojkovic, Kelly Kaddatz, Andrei Pendik, Svetlana Pendik, Vladyslav Kostyuk, Dima Koval

Your unselfish commitment and dedication is recognized by campers, parents and volunteers alike. Your efforts are very much appreciated, with beneficial results you should all be proud of.  This summer, you brought joy to children, taught them about Orthodoxy and their Russian culture, fed them, challenged them, and left them with wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Without the kind gift of your personal time, the camp would be unable to exist. On behalf of everyone who participated in Ruskoka Camp 2012, I thank you for your generosity.

Next year will be Ruskoka Camp’s 13th season, and we plan to extend camp to four weeks! We will not be able to achieve this without your prior commitment. I look forward to seeing all of you again next summer at Ruskoka Camp 2013!

Director, Ruskoka Camp

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