Thank You and Come to Work Weekend #5: July 3/4, 2010

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Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers,

A mighty and enthusiastic group of volunteers made great progress on the fourth work weekend in 2010! Thanks to Nika, Victor, Kira, Alik, Oles, Natasha, Sasha, Igor, Feodor, Victor, Sergei, Roma, Oleg, Masha, Natasha, and Volodya for their dedication and hard work. Job all around the property were completed.

Almost forgot! Congratulations to Victor and Kira!

On Saturday June 5, 2010, Paige Axon was brought in to the world, making Victor and Kira grandparents! Mike and Marissa have a beautiful bouncing baby girl, 6 lbs 1 oz, born around 6:37pm on Saturday.

Some of the tasks that were completed included:

  • ·         Fixed the raft, made a new anchor, and put the raft in
  • ·         Installed lights and wiring in the Art’s cabin
  • ·         Clean the camp kitchen, power washed mats and stove hood
  • ·         Installed the camp kitchen coffee maker and dishwasher
  • ·         Installed water filters, took water samples
  • ·         Cut down several large trees, cleaned up piles of branches
  • ·         Cleaned and sealed the floor in the chapel
  • ·         Fixed a lawnmower, trailer, and garage doors. Changed ATV oil.
  • ·         Checked, sorted and organized all the tents and mattresses
  • ·         Installed the stage lights and screen
  • ·         Worked on the ice maker
  • ·         Cleaned up and racked around the Arts Cabin
  • ·         Cleaned the floor in the Arts Cabin and stained it
  • ·         Moved racks to camp bathroom – no candies in camp this year!
  • ·         Checked and labeled the circuit breaker panel in the camp bathroom
  • ·         Cleaned out camp bathrooms and laundry room
  • ·         Cut acres of grass, everywhere
  • ·         Prepared delicious meals and cleaned up after!


Wow! It is tiring just to read the huge list of work accomplished! The camp is looking better than ever. Everyone had a fun time and is looking forward to the upcoming Leadership Workshop (June 18-21) and work weekend (July 3-4).

The Leadership Workshop is only  2 weeks awayon June 18th to 21st, 2010 ! Join the workshop, or come and help around camp.

The next work weekend is only 4 weeks awayon July 3rd and 4th, 2010 !  Join us for more fun camp projects, great meals, bon fires and camaraderie. Please confirm in advance if you are coming for the July 3-4 weekend.

See you at Ruskoka on July 3rd, 2010 or sooner.


Some of the projects we plan to do over the next several work weekends:


— clean up girls/boys tent areas

— cut/clean trees in the boys camp

— fix the white canoe

— build new canoe rack

— get prepared for St. Alexis Weekend


— organize the office, fill cabinets (medical supplies)

— order and install new bathroom window

— replace caulking in the house shower

— install toilet in house basement near furnace

Pump Room

— move compressor, form and pour concrete floor

 Camp Bathroom

— clean up camp bathroom

— (future — layout water/electricity/gas for future laundry)

— (future — install electrical outlets in the laundry room)


— clean up and organize the garage

Arts Cabin

— clean up debris and branches around the arts cabin

— finish staining the art’s cabin floor (same as service corridor)

— clear property around Arts Cabin for new archery range

— setup with tables/chairs/shelves


— cook incredible, delicious meals for all the volunteers