Thank You and Work Weekend #9 in only 1 week: October 23/24, 2010

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Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers,

A huge group of 24 damp volunteers worked hard and completed a number of large projects on the eight this past weekend. made great progress on the seventh work weekend in 2010! Thanks to Nika, Victor, Alik, Maxine Sophia, Andrew, Alex, Volodya, Oleg, Sasha, Marina, Dennis, Vlad, Sergei, Lera, Petya, Roma, Alexei, Alexei, Pavel, Liza, Serguei, Sasha and Victor for their enormous efforts and hard work. Two huge projects and tons of other work around the property were completed.

Some of the tasks that were completed included:

  • ·         Finished construction of the canoe rack shelter
  • ·         Cut down tons of dead trees
  • ·         Completed the entire construction of the garage storage shed (in the rain)
  • ·         Built fence segments at the entrance to camp
  • ·         Removed and burned brush and wodden debris
  • ·         Piled two large sections of logs
  • ·         Prepared delicious meals and cleaned up after!


This dedicated team of volunteers worked tirelessly, through the rain on Sunday, to complete the garage storage shed. Everyone also enjoyed the meals, great company and the fall colours.

The next work weekend is only 1 week away, on November 6th and 7th, 2010 !  Join us for more fun work, projects, great meals, bon fires and camaraderie. Please confirm in advance if you are coming.

See you at Ruskoka on November 6th, 2010.


p.s. the work weekend schedule is:

November 6, 2010

November 27, 2010




Some of the projects we plan to do on the next work weekend:


—       Move the air compressor from the pump room to the garage

—       Build exterior walls for the garage storage shed

—       Run electricity and lights to the garage shed

—       Clean up piles of branches and burn

—       Stack all of the split wood! Bring firewood in to the house for the winter

—       Winterize and close the camp bathroom

—       Prepare pump room for pouring concrete floor

—       Clean up and organize the garage



—       Cook incredible, delicious meals for all the volunteers