Camp Applications

Ruskoka Camp applications are now open for 2024!


The Application Form is the first step in registering your child for Ruskoka Camp. If your application is accepted we will send you an email with a Registration Form, Subsidy Form, and further instructions.

Applications will close on May 31st, 2024.
Responses to applications will be sent out starting in early May and throughout April.

This year we are excited to open camp for 3 sessions! In addition to having our usual “Survival Camp” (previously Session 1) and “Adventure Camp” (previously Session 2) programs, we are extending our summer camp program with a 1-week session for Junior Campers and Leaders in Training (LIT). See below for camp dates and camper ages.

Junior Camp & LIT ProgramJuly 7 – July 13, 2024Campers: 9 – 11
LITs: 14 – 17
Survival CampJuly 14 – July 27, 202410 – 17
Adventure CampJuly 28 – August 10, 202410 – 17

Session Descriptions:

Junior Camp & LIT Program: Welcome to Session 1: Junior Camp at Ruskoka Camp! This week-long adventure is designed especially for our youngest campers, offering them an exciting introduction to the summer camp experience. While exploring the beauty of nature, campers will engage in a great amount of enjoyable activities and embark on memorable trips. For our older campers, we are thrilled to introduce our Leaders-in-Training (LIT) Program! Through a series of engaging workshops, team-building exercises, and a fun overnight trip, our campers will begin their journey towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Join us for a week filled with fun, learning, and the building of lifelong friendships.

Survival Camp: Get ready for an unforgettable two-week journey into the wilderness with Session 2: Survival Camp! Campers will be divided into teams as they embark on a series of exciting activities, all aimed at honing their survival skills. From learning how to build shelters and starting fires to mastering wilderness first aid, campers will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in the great outdoors. Alongside these essential survival lessons, they will also enjoy hikes, bike trips, and canoeing expeditions, ensuring a well-rounded and exhilarating camp experience.

Adventure Camp: Embark on a thrilling two-week adventure with Session 3: Adventure Camp! Campers will be organized into teams, igniting a spirit of friendly competition as they participate in a variety of exciting sporting events and challenges. Whether it’s hiking through the forest, biking on scenic trails, or canoeing down serene waters, every day promises new and exhilarating experiences. Plus, don’t miss out on our new grand finale competition, “Rise of Civilizations”, where teams come together to showcase their teamwork and communication skills in one final culminating event. Join us for an action-packed camp session filled with teamwork, adventure, and life-long lasting memories.