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Two camp sessions are run every summer of a two-week duration.

The Dates for the 2023 Camp Sessions are as follows:

Session 1 – Ages 10 to 17

Standard Camp Program with Basic Survival Wilderness Training and is for both new and experienced campers

Session #1: Sunday July 16, 2023 to Saturday July 29, 2023

Session 2 – Ages 10 to 17

Standard Camp Program for both new and experienced campers

Session #2: Sunday July 30, 2023 to Saturday August 12, 2023

Please note:

For the last several years, interest in Ruskoka Camp has continued to grow rapidly. As a result, we had many children that were placed on a waiting list and were not able to attend camp.

As a charitable camp with a mission to serve as many underprivileged children in our community as possible, for 2023 we will limit each young camper (aged 10-14) to initially register for only one Camp Session. This will let us accept more new campers to attend Ruskoka Camp. After May 1, 2023, should any spots remain available, we will try to accommodate campers for both sessions if they wish.

Older campers (aged 15-16) will be selected as Team Leaders and/or CIT’s (counselors in training), based on Ruskoka Camp experience and leadership potential. Older campers are encouraged to attend both Camp Session, as well as Ruskoka Leadership Workshops in the spring of 2023.

Priority will be given to:

  • Campers who qualify for stipend (family income less than $39,000)
  • Campers who have attended Ruskoka Camp previously
  • Campers that are active in the Russian Church and Church Sunday School
  • Campers that apply early
  • Campers whose parents are