Where are the application forms located?

The application forms are located under the “How to Apply Page”

What will my child be doing at camp?

For a short list of activities that your child will be doing at camp have a look at the “Activities Page”

What is the duration of camp?

The duration of every session at Ruskoka is 2 weeks long.  We run two sessions and welcome your child to attend all 4 weeks.  For dates of the sessions visit the “Dates Page”

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is $850.00 Per Session (2 weeks).  For more information visit the “Costs and Subsidies Page”

I am not able to afford to send my child to camp.  Is there any way Ruskoka can help me out financially?

Ruskoka offers subsidies for campers that need financial assistance. For more information visit the “Costs and Subsidies Page”

What do I pack for my child.  Could you help me out?

Ruskoka had compiled a list of suggested items to bring to camp in the form of a checklist for easy packing.  It is available on the “What to Bring to Camp Page”

This is my child’s first time attending camp and I have no idea how to get there.  Could you suggest a route?

On our website we have created an automated direction application.  To see how to get to Ruskoka visit the “Driving to Ruskoka Page”

What kind of facilities do you offer at the camp?

Ruskoka has a fully equipped kitchen, full bathrooms with shower facilities, dining hall for meals, pavilion for indoor shows and games and a chapel.  For more information about our facilities please visit the “Facilities Page”

Who will be supervising my child during the duration of camp?

During the duration of camp your child will be supervised by our great counsellor staff.  For more information on our staff please visit the “Staff Page”