Nikita’s Playground

   In memory of Nikita Victoria Belykh, her family alongside Ruskoka Camp have decided to work together in an effort to make Nikitas friends and other kids happy by building a playground in her honor. Ruskoka is lucky enough to have had Nikita be a part of our camp family, as she spent the summer of 2021 there, just two weeks before the tragedy. We hope to honor her by building something that she would have loved, and although she will never play on this playground, it warms our hearts that other kids will. The Ruskoka team and volunteers started the project last fall but need financial support to complete it. A plan of the project along with progress can be found on the Ruskoka website. Donations can be made at

Phase 1 – Ruskoka : Spring 2022 – Cut down one or two remaining large trees, remove all roots, and level the area. ($5,000 for equipment rental)

Phase 2 – Ruskoka : Summer 2022 – Bring in pitrun fill and level the entire area. Install drainage under the court. ($15,000 for fill and equipment rental)

Phase 3 – CSS : Fall 2022 – Final grading and asphalt surface ($40,000 for asphalt)

Phase 4 – CSS : Spring 2023 – Colour coating ($25,000)

Phase 5 – CSS: Spring 2023 – Fencing ($25,000) and accessories ($10,000)


Fall 2021:

Designed and planned the construction of the playground

Cleared the construction area (trees and brush) for the playground

Donations to the project can be made here