What to Bring to Camp

What to Bring to Ruskoka

Camping Items

  • small tent for the camper (or arrange to share); usually 2 campers per tent
  • pillow, pillow case (2), warm sleeping bag, extra wool blanket, air mattress or cot as needed
  • flashlight, extra batteries
  • small backpack and water bottle, for hiking/biking

Toiletries(in a Ziploc plastic bag)

  • biodegradable soap, shampoo, toothpaste, (deodorant)
  • toothbrush and hair brush or comb
  • bug repellent, sun screen (SPF 30+), After Bite
  • prescription medication (give to camp nurse)

Optional: Q-tips, floss, lip balm, nail clippers, foot powder, cheap sunglasses w/ UV protection

Clothing and footwear (in a plastic Rubbermaid storage bin)

  • sweater(s) or sweatshirt(s)(3), jeans(3), warm jacket(1), rain jacket(1)
  • t-shirts(10), shorts(3), bathing suits(2), long sleeve shirts(2)
  • clothes appropriate for church
  • girls: knee-length skirts, sleeved shirts, head vail, dress shoes
  • boys: long dress pants, sleeved shirt, dress shoes
  • 1 hat or bandana or kerchief (from sun), 1 warm hat
  • 7 pairs socks (recommend wool/polypro socks, 2 wool socks for hikes)
  • underwear (8)
  • 1 pair of pajamas or long underwear.
  • 2 pairs comfortable shoes (running shoes and/or hiking boots)
  • 1 pair rain boots, 1 bug jacket (optional)
  • water shoes or old running shoes for water activities
  • laundry bag for dirty laundry (with name tag)

What NOT to bring:

Please do not bring any food to camp, unless you plan to leave it with the kitchen staff to distribute to all campers. Food in tents is unsafe, and attracts unwanted animals of all sizes. Do not bring candies, gum, chips, cookies, pop, or any other food. Camp Directors will conduct inspections of tents and luggage.

Electronics and Jewelry
Please do not bring any cellphones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, electronic games or expensive cameras. If you bring a digital camera, you will need to sign a Camper Camera agreement and give a copy of your photos to the Camp Director. All phones and electronics will be confiscated. Do not bring expensive jewelry, expensive clothing, or offensive clothing. Do not bring extra money…there is nothing to buy at camp.