Costs and Subsidies

Session #1 and Session #2:

Session #1 and Session #2: The subsidized registration fee (paid before July 1, 2023) for each Session is $850 for campers (10-16 years of age) and $425 for pre-approved Jr. Counsellors (age 16+). Pre-approved Sr. Counsellors (age 17+) can apply with no cost to participate. The regular registration fee (after July 1, 2023) is $950 for campers (10-16 years of age), and $475 for Jr. Counsellors (age 16 +).

Subsidy Program:

Ruskoka offers a Subsidy Program that is intended to provide financial assistance to campers who would otherwise not be able to attend Ruskoka Camp due to lack of funds. If you are currently unemployed or if your annual family income is below $39,000, please call or email Alex for information on our subsidy program. Families currently on welfare, social assistance or living in subsidized housing are also eligible.

Application for the subsidy program is available here Ruskoka Camper Subsidy Form


  • Registration fees includes a camp uniform T-shirt.
  • For campers registered for both Session #1 and #2, there is no added cost to stay between sessions.
  • Registrations are accepted for full two week sessions only (i.e. 1 week stays are not allowed)

Ruskoka Camper Subsidy Form