Work Weekend #1 in only 1 week – April 9, 2011

Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers,

Welcome spring by coming to Ruskoka for the first work weekend of the season!  Warm weather, great company, fantastic and tons of fun jobs await you!

So far, 6 counselors and 10 volunteers are planning to come. Join us for a weekend in the fresh air.

Take a look at the attached photo collage to remind you how much fun we had last year. This summer will be better yet.

Camp registration is already half full, and we expect to be fully booked by the end of May. Counselors, if you are planning to come and help this summer, please fill in a registration form and send it in, otherwise we can’t guarantee that we will have a spot for you.

Some volunteers are planning to arrive Friday night to open up the buildings and get things running after a long winter. Please let me know if you are coming Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Some of the tasks we will be doing:

–       Opening up buildings, cleaning, getting plumbing working

–       Cleaning up branches after the winter, grading the driveway

–       Removing scrap wood pile beside the garage

–       Moving the air compressor from the pump room to the garage, and connecting

–       Moving rough lumber from pump room and garage and storing in the garage shed

–       Cleaning up the pavilion and camp kitchen

–       Clearing a section of woods for the challenge course to be built this spring

–       Cleaning up around the fire pit

–       Building storage shelves (and roof posts) in garage shed, move lumber

–       Cutting up many recently downed trees

–       Installing culvert pipe near chapel

–       Cleaning up piles of branches and burn

–       Stacking all of the split wood!

–       Winterize the house and the house plumbing

–       Prepare pump room for pouring concrete floor

–       Clean up and organize the garage

–       Clean the house, and prepare delicious meals

We expect a good turnout of counselors, so please let me know in advance if and when you plan to arrive.

Come for the first Ruskoka work weekend of 2011!

Reply to let me know you are coming so we can plan the food and accommodations. Indoor accommodations for everyone.

See you at Ruskoka on April 9th, 2011. Less than a week away.

Thanks you again, and see you at Ruskoka in a week.