Thank You and Come to Work Weekend #4: June 5/6, 2010

Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers,

A powerhouse of volunteers tackled the third work weekend in 2010! Thanks to Nika, Victor, Kira, Oles, Alik, Natasha, Vlad, Sasha, Andrew, Oleg, Alex,  Volodya, Dennis, and Dimitry for great team work and effort.  Most of the work was focused on cleaning up the garage and pump room in order to fill up the garbage dumpster.

Some other tasks that were completed included:

  • ·         Finishing building bridge to Blueberry Island
  • ·         Cleaning out Garage and Pump Room
  • ·         Setting up New Sound System, fixing speakers
  • ·         Wiring up new electrical cable and breaker panel in the garage.
  • ·         Connecting the water in the camp bathroom
  • ·         Trimming trees around Property
  • ·         Enlarging the scrap metal pile at Ruskoka 3
  • ·         Filling up Dumpster with lots of garbage
  • ·         Fixing up lawnmowers and lawn tractors
  • ·         Cutting grass and seeding grass
  • ·         Putting up another basketball net
  • ·         Painting the service corridor in the camp bathroom
  • ·         Finishing plumbing changes and shocking the well
  • ·         Eating Delicious Food

Wow! A huge amount of work was accomplished. The camp has a new bridge, the garage a new electrical service, and the pump room/pavilion/garage are tidier than they have ever been. A fun time was had by all and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming work weekends.

The next work weekend is only 2 weeks awayon June 5th and 6th, 2010 !  Join us for more fun camp projects, great meals, bon fires and camaraderie..

See you at Ruskoka on June 5th, 2010.


Some of the projects we plan to do over the next several work weekends:


– clean yellow trailer and burn paper/cardboard

– check the gate at Colony Rd.

– cut/clean trees in the boys camp

– fix the white canoe

– build new canoe rack

– fix floating raft

– get prepared for the Leadership Workshop


– organize the office, fill cabinets (medical supplies)

– order and install new bathroom window

– replace caulking in the house shower

– install toilet in house basement near furnace

Pump Room

– move compressor, form and pour concrete floor


– clean up the camp kitchen and the pavilion (after new roof construction)


– seal the slate floor (twice) with masonry sealer

 Camp Bathroom

– clean up camp bathroom

– (future – layout water/electricity/gas for future laundry)

– (future – install electrical outlets in the laundry room)


– clean up and organize the garage

Arts Cabin

– clean up debris and branches around the arts cabin

– stain the art’s cabin floor (same as service corridor)

– clear property around Arts Cabin for new archery range

– grade the tire ruts at the entrance

– sweep the arts cabin

– setup with tables/chairs/shelves


– cook incredible, delicious meals for all the volunteers