Thank You and Come to St. Alexis Family Weekend on July 14 and 15, 2012 – In only 2 weeks!

Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers and Counselors,

Thank you to the 14 energetic and dedicated leaders that attended the seventh Ruskoka Camp Leadership Workshop (Vika, Sasha, Lukas, Vlad, Roman, Max S, Ksenia, Anya, Liza, Oles, Max T, Misha, Serg, and Tanya).

For three days, directors, counselors and future leaders learned about themselves, their responsibilities and their campers. Sessions started at 8:00am and often continued past 11:00pm. In between sessions, counselors participated in challenging team exercises and team work tasks. There was even time for some soccer, a volleyball tournament, and a swim.

Thank you also to the 14 volunteers that prepared for, prepared meals, cleaned and helped with the Leadership Workshop, and also worked all weekend long for Work Weekend #5 (Kira, Victor, Karl, Andrei, Natasha, Alik, Larisa, Victor, Maxine, Natasha, Marina, Andrew, Sophia, and Victor).

A number of major projects were completed, including: cutting grass everywhere, filling in all of the ditches for the new water system, clear coating most of the remainder of the chapel, sealing the chapel slate floor, building some of the pantry interior walls, painting more of the house window frames,  fixing the ATV, collecting and burning brush, making a large anchor for the water trampoline, and many smaller tasks.

The next time we are going to Ruskoka is for the St. Alexis Family Weekend on July 14 and 15, 2012. Volunteers, counselors and families are all welcome! Contact Victor Axon at 416 503 3112 for more information, or open the poster (attached). There is no cost for counselors and volunteers. We will be preparing for the feast day, final preparations for camp, and also finishing several projects.

See you at Ruskoka on July 14th, 2012. Only two weeks away.


Mark the following work weekend dates in your calendars:

July 4, 2012 – Camp Planning Meeting for Counselors and Volunteers (@ 7:30pm at Alik’s house)

July 14/15, 2012 – St. Alexis Family Weekend

July 20, 2012 – Camp Setup

July 21, 2012 – Counselor Training Day

July 22 to 28, 2012 – Camp Session #1                         

July 29 to Aug 11, 2012 – Camp Session #2