Thank You and Come to Work Weekend #4 on June 9, 2012 – In only 2 weeks!

Dear Ruskoka Camp Volunteers,

The biggest work weekend ever! Thank you to Victor, Kira, Nika, Misha, Sima, Oles, Shannon, Alyosha, Masha, Bogdan, Julia, Oleg, Zhenya, Alik, Masha, Reiwin, Maxim S, Maxim T, Dennis, Liana, Daniel, Stephanie, Victor, Andrei, Vika, and Natasha! We cleared more brush in the girls camp and challenge course, cut grass everywhere, put caulking around the camp bathroom sinks and house shower, dug ditches for the new water system and well, dug out around the new and old wells, cleared trails, remove many trailers full of sand from the two well drilling sites, cleaned up where they were drilling, connected a new circuit breaker panel in the pantry, new fluorescent lights in the pantry, built a new wall along the length of the pantry, built a front wall with windows and double doors, cleaned in and around the Art’s cabin, power washed the entire chapel (except very top drum), power washed the picnic tables, cleaned the camp kitchen from top to bottom, fixed a leaky valve, delivered and assembled two brand new canoes, labeled canoes and new paddles, repaired the row boat for lifeguard use, prepared plumbing for new water system, repaired one ATV (oops, and broke the other), coated entrance sign and re-installed with new posts, strung up the volleyball screen, made a wrench for remove new pump, held a 2 ½ hour leadership training session with counselors, started painting the house window frames, planted herbs and flowers, put the raft in the river, prepared delicious, phenomenal meals, and cleaned up after the huge group! The work went so quickly because of all the help, we kept running out of jobs to do! Phew! Lots of volunteers, a mountain of work done, and fun times too! Don’t miss this great opportunity, come to Ruskoka in two weeks!

For next work weekend, some of the left-over tasks are: cut grass everywhere, connect up new water system and well pump and test, fill in the ditches, clear coat the entire chapel, seal the new concrete floor, install floats in lifeguard boat and label, finished front and back wall in pantry, install back window in pantry, install door from pantry to pavilion, replace the sentinel light, finish painting the house window frames, fix the ATV again, fiberglass repair of shower, install valves on shower vents, put up private property and no swimming signs, fix the lawn tractor, re-seal the chapel floor, and lots more…

We again expect a good turnout of counselors, so please let me know in advance if and when you plan to arrive.

Reply to let me know you are coming so we can plan the food and accommodations. Indoor accommodations for everyone.

See you at Ruskoka on June 9th, 2012. Only two weeks away.


Mark the following work weekend dates in your calendars:

June 9, 2012 – Work Weekend #4

June 23, 2012 – Leadership Workshop and Work Weekend #5

June 14/15, 2012 – St. Alexis Family Weekend

July 20, 2012 – Camp Setup

July 21, 2012 – Counselor Training Day

July 22 to 28, 2012 – Camp Session #1

July 29 to Aug 11, 2012 – Camp Session #2

Thanks you again, and see you at Ruskoka in two weeks.